10th Workshop on Parallel Algorithms and Systems and Algorithms (PASA 2012)

in conjunction with International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2012)

Munich, Germany, February 28-29,2012

organized by GI/ITG-Fachgruppe 'Parallel-Algorithmen, -Rechnerstrukturen und -Systemsoftware' (PARS) and GI-Fachgruppe 'Algorithmen' (ALGO)

Call for Papers (PDF)

The PASA workshop series has the goal to build a bridge between theory and practice in the area of parallel systems and algorithms. Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers on the following topics:

  • parallel architectures & storage systems
  • parallel and distributed algorithms
  • parallel embedded systems
  • models of parallel computation
  • ubiquitous and pervasive systems
  • scheduling and load balancing
  • reconfigurable parallel computing
  • parallel programming languages
  • data stream-oriented computing
  • software engineering for parallel systems
  • interconnection networks
  • parallel design patterns
  • network and grid computing
  • performance evaluation of parallel systems
  • distributed and parallel multimedia systems

A prize of 500 € will be awarded to the best contribution presented personally based on a student's or Ph.D. thesis or project. Co-authors are allowed, the PhD degree should not have been awarded at the time of submission. Candidates apply for the prize by e-mail to the organizers when submitting the contribution. We expect that candidates are or become members of one the groups ALGO or PARS.

Important Dates

Program Committee

  • S. Albers (Berlin)
  • H. Burkhart (Basel)
  • M. Dietzfelbinger (Ilmenau)
  • A. Döring (Zürich)
  • D. Fey (Erlangen)
  • T. Hagerup (Augsburg)
  • W. Heenes (Darmstadt)
  • R. Hoffmann (Darmstadt)
  • F. Hoßfeld (Jülich)
  • K. Jansen (Kiel)
  • W. Karl (Karlsruhe)
  • J. Keller (Hagen)
  • Ch. Lengauer (Passau)
  • E. Maehle (Lübeck)
  • E. W. Mayr (München)
  • U. Meyer (Frankfurt)
  • F. Meyer auf der Heide (Paderborn)
  • W. E. Nagel (Dresden)
  • M. Philippsen (Erlangen)
  • K. D. Reinartz (Höchstadt)
  • P. Sanders (Karlsruhe)
  • Ch. Scheideler (Paderborn)
  • H. Schmeck (Karlsruhe)
  • U. Schwiegelshohn (Dortmund)
  • P. Sobe (Dresden)
  • T. Ungerer (Augsburg)
  • B. Vöcking (Aachen)
  • R. Wanka (Erlangen)
  • H. Weberpals (Hamburg-Harburg)


Prof. Dr. Jörg Keller

FernUniversität in Hagen

Fac. Math and Computer Science

58084 Hagen


Phone +49-2331-987-376

Fax +49-2331-987-308

E-Mail joerg.keller at fernuni-hagen.de


Prof. Dr. Rolf Wanka

Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg

Dept. of Computer Science

91058 Erlangen


Phone +49-9131-8525-152

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